Whitewater Host has designed and provides web hosting services for companies of all types with a variety of website needs.  Take a look at what Whitewater Host has done and then contact us for your website design and hosting needs.

Whitewater Host Clients


The Oregon Whitewater Association is a very active club in the Portland, Oregon area.  The website allows new members to sign up online and communicates most of the information through the website and as a result, the club has seen unprecedented growth, nearly doubling the size of the club in the first year the website designed by Whitewater Host was live.


Ogren Engineering is a small engineering firm that provides structural engineering services for residential and commercial projects in the Portland area.  In order to compete with the larger engineering firms, Ogren Engineering needs a website that is informative to clients and searches well for potential new clients to find.  Whitewater Host designed and built a site that beats out most of the other engineering firms in the Portland area for the keywords in the category Ogren Engineering does business in.


 A New Vision is an optometry practice offering family eye care and vision therapy.  Previously, their website was a static html website and getting changes made through their website developer was difficult, so it went unchanged and stayed outdated for long periods of time.  Whitewater Host installed a Content Management System that allows the buisness owner to update the website at their leisure themselves, eliminating the need to wait for someone else to update their site.

A New Vision has since moved on to a web hosting service that better serves the needs of an optomotrist, and this is a perfect example of how Whitewater Host can best serve a small business. We got them started with an easy to manage website and when they outgrew our services they moved on to a hosting company that specalizes in meeting the needs of their type of business.


When Goodwater Boat Works opened their doors, they knew they needed a website that would communicate the services they provide to potential new customers.  They called on Whitewater Host to design a website that not only communicated their message, but was easy to update.


Selway River Shuttles was operating in the dark ages when Whitewater Host approached them with an offer to build a website.  They were snail mailing out forms and making long distance calls to potential new customers in hopes of getting their business.  Whitwater Host designed a website for Selway River Shuttles that consistently performs well in Google and other search engines and has all of the forms available for download.  This not only saves Selway River Shuttles money, but reaches more potential new customers which makes them more profitable.

UCWWF logo - transparent background.gif

 The Upper Clackamas Whitewater Festival had an outdated static HTML website that only one person had the website files for on their computer.  Getting anything updated meant going through that person and because this is a volunteer organization, updates happened on their schedule - sometimes days or weeks after critical information needed to be on the site.  For an organization that attracts thousands of people to their event in one weekend, this was a major problem for them.

Whitewater Host rebuilt their website into a Content Management Syatem that is managed by a database where multiple website managers can log in to write and edit content.  This shifted the burden of updating the website from one person to many; now Festival Coordinators who are in charge of one aspect of the event can now log in and update the pages that relate to the part of the event they manage.  Updates happen more quickly and are more accurate.